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Sunday, 25 April 2004
Some definitions
This is Jonathan Kemp's description of the Body without Organs. "The Body without Organs, as proposed by Antonin Artaud and adopted and developed by Deleuze and Guattari, is a disorganized, deOedipalized body of constantly emergent desire and intensity. It is a passage, a movement, that resists the closure of an organizing principle that would reduce its intensity for the sake of stopping it, freezing it, categorising it (in one of two genders) to understand it. It cannot, however, be understood, at least not by stopping it, because to stop it is to kill it, and the knowledge acquired from a dead BwO is no knowledge at all. It is, as such, a singular multiplicity, resisting both the universalizing gesture of conceptualization and the individualizing gesture of contemporary subjectivity." More of that - and some less reverent stuff - at the deleuzegattarionary.

Posted by 6digit at 6:37 PM MEST
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Hello World
"It operates everywhere, either non-stop, or discontinuously. It breathes, it warms up, it eats. It shits, it kisses. What a mistake, to have pronounced it. Everywhere machines, and not in a metaphorical sense: machine-machines, with their plugs and connections. An organ-machine plugged into a fountain-machine: one of them sends out a stream which the other one truncates." (D&G, "Anti-Oedipus")

Posted by 6digit at 6:24 PM MEST
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